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Australia is a vast country offering a wide range of accommodation options to the traveler. On this page, I want to talk about some of the types of accommodation that you can expect when exploring the country.

Within the main cities, you can expect mainstream hotels. These you can compare rates online and place your booking. There are also motels, youth hostels and guesthouses in all the major cities and towns of the country.

The Grace Hotel, Sydney
Author: Jason8025 (public domain)

Throughout Australia you will come across specialty accommodation such as boutique hotels, which are usually converted from historical buildings in or near the cities, tropical island resorts, ski resorts, British-style bed-and-breakfasts, self-catering apartments, even houseboats and sheep stations.

Hotel Grading

Australia does not have a formal hotel grading system. Although you will come across labels such as four or five stars, there is no official yardstick for measurement. You just have to expect that if the hotel calls itself 5 stars, it will have facilities that are of international standards.


A standard feature in all the hotels and motels is air-conditioning during the summer and heating during winter. other standard features to expect include the coffee and tea making facilities and television. Most hotel rooms will have ensuite bathrooms, though you need to determine whether it is fitted with a tub or just a shower. If you are booking a double room, you will need to find out whether it is for a double bed (one bed) or twin bed (two beds).

Woolwich Hotel, Sydney
Author: J Bar (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)

Room Pricing

Prices of hotel rooms vary according to facilities as well as location. Needless to say, the biggest cities such as Sydney and Melbourne command the highest prices. A presidential suite in a five star hotel in these cities may cost well over a thousand Australian dollars a night, while at the other end of the scale, a bed in a dormitory of a backpacker hotel will cost you just around A$20. Generally, expect to pay around A$80-A$100 at most motels and bed-and-breakfast establishments.

Some parts of Australia suffer from room shortage, so booking is necessary there. This includes the major cities and the coastal resorts in Queensland. Room shortage becomes particularly acute during major cultural and sporting events. It is also accompanied by rate hikes, so it is always a good idea to plan your trip well ahead of time and book early.

Traveling with Children

There should be no major problem bringing children along. Many hotels provide a supplementary child bed or cot, some even at no additional charge. The major establishments even have babysitting services. However, some of the country house hotels are strictly no-children establishments, so check in advance.

Facilities for the Disabled

It is the requirement by law for all new buildings and those renovated to provide facilities for the disabled. If you are a disabled, it is still wise to check in advance on what facilities are available.

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