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In case you do not know, Australia is a major wine-producing country especially places such as Barossa Valley and Yarra Valley.

Australia's sparkling wines are particularly famous. They come from the Yalumba Vineyard and from Tasmania. Among the brands to note includes Angas Brut, Seppelt Salinger and Pirie from Pipers Brook. Australia's sparkling red wines, produced by Rockford and Seppelts, are also generating an interest among wine connoisseurs.

Australian wines from Domaine Chandon in the Yarra Valley
Australian wines from Domaine Chandon in the Yarra Valley
Author: terence (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

The making of white wines have become more popular since the 1970's. The leading ones include the Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Pinot Gris. There is also a resurgence of popularity for Riesling, Marsanne and Semillon. And then there's Australia's desert wines, such as De Bortoli's Noble One, made using botrytis cinera or noble rot.

The most popular red wine in Australia is probably Grange Hermitage, created in the late 1950's by the late vintner Max Schubert. Its available under the Shiraz label, the premium brand of red wines.

Wines aside, Australia is a country of beer drinkers. This in in the form of vat fermented real ale or lager, with alcohol content ranging from less than 3% for "lite" beers to 4.8% for full-strength beers. Brands that come to mind include Castlemaine XXXX from Queensland, James Boag and Cascade from Tasmania, Fosters and Melbourne Bitter from Victoria.

Distillers in Australia also produce fine dark and white rums from sugar cane plantations of Queensland. Popular labels include Bundaberg and Beenleigh.

Westfield Winery, Baskerville, Australia
Westfield Winery, Baskerville, Australia
Author: Gnangarra (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5)

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