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Weipa is a town on the northern part of Queensland, Australia. Located on Cape York Peninsula, it is also the largest town on the Gulf of Carpentaria. As with many of the towns in this part of Queensland, Weipa exists due to discovery of a vast bauxite deposit in the area. Today the town has a population of around 3,000 people (2012 estimate).

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Weipa Airport, Weipa, Queensland
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More on Weipa

Weipa began in 1898 as a Prebyterian Aboriginal mission outpost. Over the following century beginning in 1911, the Aborigine lived under a very restrictive legislation enacted by the state of Queensland. Every Aborigine and half-cast child is subjected to the control of the Protector, who has the right over the person, to punish him for any form of wrong doing and indiscipline.

When geologist Henry Evans discovered bauxite on the Aboriginal reserve land in 1955, the community was relocated while the Aboriginal reserve land given to the mining company. Today the bauxite mine in Weipa is still operating. The largest such mine in the world, it exports most of the ore to Japan.

Visiting Weipa

Qantas provides regular flights to Weipa from Cairns.

Places of Interest in Weipa

  1. Jardine National Park
    National park preserving the wildlife at the northern part of the Cape York Peninsula of Queensland.

  2. Western Cape Cultural Centre
    A place to get to know and appreciate aboriginal artwork and learn about the Aboriginal culture.