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Sale is a small city in the Gippland region of Victoria, Australia. It has a population of 13,500 people (2012 estimate).

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Sale, Victoria, Australia
Sale, Victoria, Australia
Author: Vmenkov (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)

More on Sale

Sale was first explored by Paul Strzelecki and Augus McMillan around 1840. They opened the way for white settlers to move in, among the pioneers being Archibald McIntosh in 1844. He established his farm called Flooding Creek on a flood plain in the area, and true to its name, the farm was flooded soon after he established it.

Sale was named in honor of British army officer General Sir Robert Sale. The town began the sale of land in 1850. The gold rush of 1851 in Omeo contributed greatly to its growth, as it happened to be on the route between Port Albert and Omeo. The completion of a road linking it to Melbourne in 1865 enabled the establishment of a 24-hour coach service linking the two towns.

The discovery of offshore petroleum in 1965 turned Sale into an oil town. Pipes for unprocessed oil and gas are laid connecting the offshore fields some 700 km away to Longford, 19 km to the south of Sale. The gas is then piped to Melbourne while the oil to Westernport Bay, then to Geelong and Altona for shipment elsewhere.

Sale Courthouse
Author: Vmenkov (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)

Visiting Sale

From Melbourne, head east on the M1 (Princes Freeway), and continue thereafter on the A1 (Princes Highway) to reach Sale.

Places of Interest in Sale

  1. Criterion Hotel
    Historic hotel building dating to 1865, considered one of the most impressive hostelries in Victoria.

  2. Gippsland Art Gallery
    A major art gallery in Vcitoria showcasing contemporary, modern and historical exhibitions focusing on the landscape of South Eastern Australia.

  3. Our Lady of Sion Convent
    Historic convent designed by architects Reed, Smart and Tappin, and completed in 1901, with its assembly halls and dormitory rear wings added in 1938.