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Rockhampton is a coastal city in Queensland, Australia. Located between Townsville to the north and Brisbane to the south, it is the administrative center and main commercial hub for Central Queensland. The city just north of the Tropic of Capricorn has a population of 75,000 people (2012 estimate).

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Heritage Hotel, Rockhampton, Queensland
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More on Rockhampton

Until the arrival of European settlers, the main inhabitants of the Rockhampton area were the Darumbal Aboriginal people. The brothers Charles and William Archer were the pioneers in establishing Rockhampton, arriving there in 1853. They went there seeking to open new grazing land, acting on information by explorers Ludwig Leichhardt and Thomas Mitchell, who explored it in 1844 and 1846.

The settlements of Port Curtis and Leichhardt were established by the then New South Wales Government in 1853. The main waterway in the area was the Fitzroy River. A settlement was established in 1856 just downstream from a group of rocks in the river. It was from these rocks that the name Rockhampton was decided for the settlement, and the town was officially proclaimed in 1858.

Shelving Beach, Great Keppel Island
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The discovery of gold in Canoona, just north of Rockhampton, sparked a gold rush that helped to boost Rockhampton's population, and providing the base for establishing essential infrastructure such as banks, courthouse and school. When more gold deposit was discovered, at nearby Mount Morgan, Rockhampton developed into the main port for the channelling of gold. This bountiful supply of gold ore enabled it to ride over a number of economic depressions that hit other towns in the region in the 1890s.

Rockhampton was granted city status in 1902. The following year a railway line was built to connect it to Brisbane. Today Rockhampton is a small, developed Australian town. Its economy is based on pastoral activities, but tourism is increasingly playing a significant role. The city acts as base for visiting the Capricorn Coast and sights in the area.

Visiting Rockhampton

There are regular flights to Rockhampton from Brisbane, Sydney, Townsville, Gladstone, Mackay and Cairns. Driving from Brisbane takes about 8 hours. There is also a train service from Brisbane running six times a week.

Capricorn Caves, Queensland
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Places of Interest in Rockhampton

  1. Capricorn Caves
    Cave system some 23 km north of Rockhampton.

  2. Capricorn Coast
    Streach of Central Queensland coastline within the Rockhampton Region. It covers some 150 km from end to end.

  3. Emu Park
    Small town on the Capricon Coast.

  4. Great Keppel Island
    Island located 15 km off the coast of Yeppoon in Central Queensland.

  5. Yeppoon
    Small coastal town on the Capricorn Coast, about 25 minutes from Rockhampton.