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Hello and thank you for visiting!

My name is Tim. I am a travel enthusiast who since 2003 have created a series of travel-related websites to describe different places in the world. You can learn more about me at Timothy Tye.

What started as a hobby to fuel my passion for travel and photography has since grown to be a full time job researching, collecting and organising information that helps travelers plan and prepare for their trips and vacations all over the world.

I write not one, not two, but many websites, so many I have actually lost count! Collectively, they allow me to earn an income without going to work. I call myself a Happy Jobless Guy because I said goodbye to my salaried job at the end of 2007, and am now earning my income directly from the web.

I am indeed the happiest, luckiest person, to do exactly what I love to do for a living, without bosses and without customers. I write to satisfy my curiosity about the world, and I'm joyful to say that the information I provide is helping thousands of people every day. I only write websites. I don't write blogs, and I don't maintain forums or mailing lists. Why not? I have neither the time nor inclination for anything other than what I enjoy the most, which is, to describe places, to de-mystify them, make them more accessible to would-be visitors. I am happy to say that that alone is enough to give me a good life.

My ambition is to eventually describe all the places in the world. I am not writing websites to earn fast money. Some of my websites will take years to develop. I know it is going to be a monumental task, but I'm fine with that, for I'm approaching it one place at a time, at my own pace, and I'm enjoying every moment, every step!

Let me share them with you ...

My Main Websites

My websites are a reflection of my interest. As I am most passionate about travel, the majority of my sites deal with that subject. I also have websites on other subjects, and a whole series on gardening, because my wife and I love plants and flowers.

  1. My World Travel Guides
    This is my newest travel website. I created it specially to group together all my travel pages. All my travel-related websites are henceforth linked to this website. You can also view here the Latest Updates in My World Travel Guides and My World Travel Guides Sitemap. You can also click here to view Updates of All Travel Sites.

  2. AsiaExplorers Asia Budget Travel Guide
    My oldest and biggest website, now with over 4,700 pages of travel articles, and still growing. AsiaExplorers is a budget travel guide covering all the countries in Asia. This is the website that I started as a hobby, back in 2003, to document my travels. I didn't know then, that I could make money from my websites, and I never expected that by 2007, I could earn enough to not have to hold a job anymore. I listed out the Latest AsiaExplorers Articles right here. You can also view the AsiaExplorers Sitemap

  3. EarthDocumentary
    EarthDocumentary continues where AsiaExplorers left off, providing budget travel guides to countries outside Asia. I use it as the umbrella site to link down to all my other travel websites. It presently has over 1,100 pages of its own. You can now view the Updates in EarthDocumentary and the EarthDocumentary Sitemap.

  4. World Greatest Sites
    World Greatest Sites, as its name suggests, showcases the most outstanding destinations in the world. Presently it has slightly over 700 articles. You can now view the Updates in World Greatest Sites and the World Greatest Sites Sitemap.

  5. UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    This website is a spin-off from my World Greatest Sites website, so that I can use it to describe sites that are recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. There are over 630 pages presently, with more sites being added regularly. You can view the Updates in UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as UNESCO World Heritage Site Sitemap

The Travel Tips Series

The Travel Tips series of websites describes specific cities of the world that I know best and enjoy writing. I created this series so that I can organize the information I have gathered about them, and share it with people who are intending to go there.
  1. Angkor Travel Tips
    Angkor is the name given to the ruins of the ancient Khmers located around the town of Siem Reap. It is one of the biggest travel destinations in Southeast Asia.

  2. Bangkok Travel Tips
    Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and one of the most exciting cities is Southeast Asia. Now you can follow the development of this website at Updates in Bangkok Travel Tips and the Bangkok Travel Tips Sitemap here.

  3. Chiang Mai Travel Tips
    Chiang Mai is a major tourist destination in northern Thailand.

  4. Hanoi Travel Tips
    Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. It is also the gateway to tourist destination in northern Vietnam, including places such as Halong Bay and Sapa.

  5. Kuala Lumpur Travel Tips
    Kuala Lumpur is the capital and biggest city in Malaysia. I created this website to help you get to know it better. You can follow the progress of this site at Updates in Kuala Lumpur Travel Tips and the Kuala Lumpur Travel Tips Sitemap here.

  6. London Travel Tips
    London is the biggest and arguably the most exciting city in Europe. I have documented a good number of places of interest in Central London. For the latest, view the Updates in London Travel Tips or the London Travel Tips Sitemap.

  7. Luang Prabang Travel Tips
    London is the biggest and arguably the most exciting city in Europe. I have documented a good number of places of interest in Central London.

  8. Macau Travel Tips
    The former Portuguese enclave of Macau is today a major entertainment destination in South China. Its historical precinct is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  9. Malacca Travel Tips
    Malacca is the oldest city in Malaysia, recently recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also view the Updates in Malacca Travel Tips and the Malacca Travel Tips Sitemap here.

  10. New York Travel Tips
    In this website, I am documenting all the sights in New York City, beginning with those in Manhattan. You can follow the progress in Updates in New York Travel Tips and the New York Travel Tips Sitemap here.

  11. Paris
    Paris is the capital and biggest city in France, and often regarded as the most romantic city in the world. You can read my latest Updates in Paris Travel Tips and the Paris Travel Tips Sitemap.

  12. Penang
    Penang is a beautiful island in Malaysia. It is also where I call home. You can read my latest Updates in Penang Travel Tips as well as the Penang Travel Tips Sitemap.

  13. Phuket Travel Tips
    Phuket is a major tourist destination in Thailand. You can read my latest Updates in Phuket Travel Tips and the Phuket Travel Tips Sitemap.

  14. Singapore Travel Tips
    Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in Asia. In this website, you can find useful details about all the places of interest in Singapore. Click here for the latest Updates in Singapore Travel Tips and Singapore Travel Tips Sitemap.

  15. Sydney Travel Tips
    Sydney is the biggest city and most exciting destination in Australia. You can now view the latest Updates in Sydney Travel Tips and Sydney Travel Tips Sitemap.

  16. Tokyo Travel Tips
    Tokyo is the capital and biggest city in Japan. It is one of the most populous cities in the world and one of the most exciting in Asia. Now you can view the latest Updates in Tokyo Travel Tips and Tokyo Travel Tips Sitemap

  17. Venice Travel Tips
    Venice simply the most unique city in Europe. This atmospheric place draws hordes of visitors wanting to be part of its magic. Click here also for Updates in Venice Travel Tips.

My Travel Guide Series

My Travel Guide series of websites describes whole countries. I create them to encapsulate the information I've gathered about the countries I am passionate about, to share my knowledge with would-be visitors. Many of the websites in this series is still under construction, as I've only started this series in September 2010. It will take a few years to develop.
  1. My Australia Travel Guide
    The website I create to help visitors make sense of the Land Down Under. I also have Updates in My Australia Travel Guide and My Australia Travel Guide Sitemap available for you to view.

  2. My Britain Travel Guide
    This website covers the places of interest in the United Kingdom, namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can view Updates in My Britain Travel Guide here, and My Britain Travel Guide Sitemap and My Britain Travel Guide Sitemap.

  3. My China Travel Guide
    This is a new website I am working on to describe China to travelers. The latest articles are listed in Updates in My China Travel Guide and My China Travel Guide Sitemap.

  4. My Egypt Travel Guide
    My website documenting all the tourist attractions of Egypt, from the antiquity to present time. I also list here the Updates in My Egypt Travel Guide and My Egypt Travel Guide Sitemap.

  5. My France Travel Guide
    At the same time, I am also working on a website describing France. Please view the latest Updates in My France Travel Guide and My France Travel Guide Sitemap.

  6. My Germany Travel Guide
    My website on Germany for travelers is also taking shape right now. You can find the latest on this website at Updates in My Germany Travel Guide and My Germany Travel Guide Sitemap.

  7. My Greece Travel Guide
    So too is my website describing Greece of travelers. You can view here the Updates in My Greece Travel Guide and My Greece Travel Guide Sitemap.

  8. My India Travel Guide
    Together with the rest, I am working on the site describing India for travelers. You can view here the Updates in My India Travel Guide and My India Travel Guide Sitemap.

  9. My Italy Travel Guide
    My own travel guide describing the cities, towns and villages in Italy, with useful travel tips. To stay abreast with this website, view the Updates in My Italy Travel Guide and My Italy Travel Guide Sitemap.

  10. My Japan Travel Guide
    A new website for me to share information on the places of interest in Japan. You can now view the Updates in My Japan Travel Guide and My Japan Travel Guide Sitemap.

  11. My Mexico Travel Guide
    A website dedicated to describing Mexico and all its sights. Get the Updates in My Mexico Travel Guide and My Mexico Travel Guide Sitemap.

  12. My Netherlands Travel Guide
    My personal website describing the places of interest in the Netherlands. You can get Updates in My Netherlands Travel Guide and My Netherlands Travel Guide Sitemap.

  13. My New Zealand Travel Guide
    This is my website for sharing travel information on New Zealand with fellow travelers. You can follow my latest articles in Updates in My New Zealand Travel Guide and My New Zealand Travel Guide Sitemap.

  14. My Portugal Travel Guide
    Website providing useful information to prepare you for a trip to Portugal. You can follow my latest articles in Updates in My Portugal Travel Guide and My Portugal Travel Guide Sitemap.

  15. My Spain Travel Guide
    My latest website providing travel tips on Spain. Please also follow the Updates in My Spain Travel Guide and My Spain Travel Guide Sitemap.

  16. My Sweden Travel Guide
    I started this website on 22 January, 2011. You can start to follow the Updates in My Sweden Travel Guide and My Sweden Travel Guide Sitemap.

  17. My Turkey Travel Guide
    Here's another new website which I started on 22 January, 2011. Please find here the Updates in My Turkey Travel Guide and My Turkey Travel Guide Sitemap.

The Exploring Series

The Exploring series of websites are country-based sites. I have only done two because I have since started the new My Travel Guide series that is similar to it.
  1. Exploring America
    Website documenting every state in the United States of America. For the latest articles, go to Updates in Exploring America and Exploring America Sitemap.

  2. Exploring Malaysia
    An off shoot of AsiaExplorers, Exploring Malaysia has close to 1,700 pages of content providing information on all the cities and states in Malaysia, and covering all aspect of the country including is history, culture, people and more. For the latest articles, go to Updates in Exploring Malaysia and Exploring Malaysia Sitemap.

My Budget Hotel Series

I don't know how it happens, but I now have three different websites just for accommodation. Many of these are still work in progress.
  1. Book Hotels Online
    Book hotels online is a website to help you search and find the best room rates for the hotel you wish to book online.

  2. Budget Accommodation Guide
    Budget Accommodation Guide helps you find budget accommodation anywhere in the world. (It is still work in progress).

  3. Budget Travel Tips
    Budget Travel Tips provides information for budget travelers to places around the world. (It is still work in progress.)

My Non-Travel Websites

I don't just write travel websites. Occasionally I dabble on other subjects. These are some of the websites covering my other interests.
  1. Happy Jobless Guy
    This is a website about how to earn a living without holding a job - exactly what I am doing. It has over 150 pages of articles. You can view the latest articles at Updates in Happy Jobless Guy as well as in the HappyJoblessGuy Sitemap.

  2. The Flowering Garden
    A beautiful website celebrating flowers and plants, The Flowering Garden is a joint effort between my wife and me. It now has close to 700 pages. For the latest, go th Updates in The Flowering Garden and The Flowering Garden Sitemap.

  3. Travel Photography Workshop
    A website presently with less than 100 articles helping people improve on their photographic skills.

Our Garden Series

Our Garden series of websites is a joint effort between my wife and me. We are both plant enthusiast, so we use the web to document all the plants that we are interested in. All these websites are presently under construction, as they were started some time in July 2010.
  1. Our Online Garden
    This is a spin-off from The Flowering Garden, created to provide tips on gardening.

  2. Our Bamboo Garden
    Find out about the different types of bamboo and learn to grow them. To get a list of the pages of this website, view the Updates in Our Bamboo Garden and Our Bamboo Garden Sitemap.

  3. Our Cactus Garden
    The cacti are a most fascinating plant. We create this website to showcase the different types, and to provide information for growing them. View the Updates in Our Cactus Garden and Our Cactus Garden Sitemap.

  4. Our Conifer Garden
    My husband Tim used to collect different types of conifers in his garden. That was before we moved into our present apartment. As we don't have space to do anymore gardening, we created this website to continue enjoying looking at and learning about all the conifers we love. View the Updates in Our Conifer Garden and Our Cactus Garden Sitemap.

  5. Our Fern Garden
    We love fern because they make the garden look so lush. In this website, we will get to know the many different types. Now you can also view the Updates in Our Fern Garden and Our Fern Garden Sitemap.

  6. Our Fruit Garden
    This is our online orchard filled with different fruits. There's also gardening tips for growing them. You can now take a look at the Updates in Our Conifer Garden and Our Cactus Garden Sitemap.

  7. Our Mushroom Garden
    Enter the intriguing world of mushrooms. In this website, we showcase this wonderful fungi and get to know how they are grown. To get a list of the pages of this website, view the Updates in Our Mushroom Garden and Our Mushroom Garden Sitemap.

  8. Our Orchid Garden
    This new website, presently being written by my wife and me, celebrates our interest in orchids. If you are an orchid enthusiast, we hope that you enjoy this site. To get a list of the pages of this website, view the Updates in Our Orchid Garden and Our Orchid Garden Sitemap.

  9. Our Rose Garden
    A place to admire roses the whole year round, and at the same time get to know the different varieties. To get a list of the pages of this website, view the Updates in Our Rose Garden and Our Rose Garden Sitemap.

  10. Our Spice Garden
    Spices are the essence of life. Wars have been fought over them. In our spice garden, we want to show you the different spices, get to know where they come from, and find out whether you can grow them too. To get a list of the pages of this website, view the Updates in Our Spice Garden and Our Spice Garden Sitemap.

  11. Our Tree Garden
    Get to know trees from all over the world. Find out which are suitable for your garden.

  12. Our Tropical Garden
    This website is a showcase of tropical plants. You can find here gardening tips for growing them.

  13. Our Vegetable Garden
    This website is like a farm with different sections on different vegetables. Get to know the vegetables, their nutritional value, and how to grow them. To help you keep abreast with the development of this site, here's a list of the Updates in Our Vegetable Garden and Our Vegetable Garden Sitemap.

The cities I have described

Here's a selection of cities I have described ...
  1. Atlanta
    The capital and biggest city in the state of Georgia, USA.

  2. Austin
    State capital of Texas, USA.

  3. Bali
    Bali is often called the "island of the gods". It is the only Hindu province in Indonesia. The island has its unique culture that has been developed for tourism. Click here for updates in Bali Travel Tips and Bali Travel Tips Sitemap.

  4. Beijing
    Beijing is the capital and second biggest city in China.

  5. Delhi
    Delhi is the capital as well as second biggest city in India.

  6. Gibraltar
    Gibraltar is a small British colony to the south of Spain.

  7. Hong Kong
    Hong Kong is a former British colony in South China. It is one of the main financial centers of Asia.

  8. Kyoto
    Former capital of Japan, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site with many interesting attractions.

  9. Nara
    Ancient city that was the capital of Japan during the 8th century.

  10. New York City
    The biggest and most influential city in the United States.

  11. Shanghai
    Shanghai is the biggest and most exciting city in China.

Countries I have described

  1. Australia
    The biggest country in Oceania.

  2. China
    The most populous country in the world.

  3. France
    Second most populous country in Western Europe.

  4. Germany
    Most populous country in Western Europe.

  5. India
    The second most populous country in the world.

  6. Indonesia
    The biggest country in Southeast Asia.

  7. Italy
    Major country in the Mediterranean.

  8. Japan
    The most developed country in Asia.

  9. Spain
    Biggest country on the Iberian peninsula.

  10. Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka is a country with many historical sites.

  11. Thailand
    Thailand is a wonderful travel destination in Southeast Asia.

  12. Vietnam
    Vietnam is an exciting travel destination that is being rediscovered.

  13. United Kingdom
    One of the most influential countries in the world.

  14. United States
    The most powerful country in the world.

My Old Websites

I have been writing websites since 1997, when I started learning to build websites using free hosting such as Tripod. I recently discovered two of my old Tripod websites. I was a bit surprised that they are still around, even though some of the content is over ten years old!
  1. Tim's Enrich Website
    A website I built for my MLM business back in 1999.

  2. Tim's Travel Website
    An early attempt at putting together a travel website.

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Hostels in Australia

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