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Morwell is a small city in the Gippsland federal division, in Victoria, Australia. It has a population around 13,500 people (2012 estimate).

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Morwell, Victoria, Australia
Morwell, Victoria, Australia
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More on Morwell

Before the arrival of Europeans, the Morwell area was inhabited by the Gunai tribe of indigenous people. The earliest Europeans were pastoralists who migrated south from the Monaro region in New South Wales in the 1840s. This began with Angus McMillan and Sir Paul Edmund de Strzelecki arriving in the area which they would later name Gippsland.

The decision of the Victoria government to built a railway line from Melbourne to Sale contributed to the development of Morwell. The opening of coal mines in the area also brought development and employment to the town.

Located in the Latrobe Valley, Morwell has an economy based on power generation, paper manufacturing, timber mills and agriculture.

Visiting Morwell

From Melbourne, take the Princes Freeway (M1) heading east to reach Morwell.

Places of Interest in Morwell

  1. Mid Valley Shopping Centre
    A largest shopping mall in Gippsland.

  2. Morwell Centenary Rose Garden
    Four-acre landscaped gardens with thousands of rose bushes.

  3. PowerWorks
    An operational coal mine and power generation complex in Morwell that is open to visitors.