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Mildura is a city on the banks of the Murray River, on the northwestern part of Victoria, Australia. Across the river to the north is the state of New South Wales. Mildura has a population of around 31,000 people (2012 estimate).

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Mildura, Victoria
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More on Mildura

Before the arrival of Europeans, the Mildura area was inhabited by the Latje Latje and Yerre Yerre tribes of indigenous people. It was established when the Victoria state government decided to establish an irrigation settlement, to prevent droughts like the one that happened between 1877 and 1884. The area was a derelict sheep station. It took much political wrangling for the settlement of Mildura to be established, but it eventually did, in 1887.

Mildura grew to become the main town for the surrounding fruit producing region. In the post World War II decades it received a large influx of Greek and Italian immigrants. Many of these were hired as unskilled labor in the fruit picking industry.

Today Mildura continues to be a center for the state's produce, particularly oranges and wine. It also produces 80% of the grapes grown in Victoria. The town is also a major tourist destination in Victoria.

St Margaret of Scotland Anglican Church, Mildura
St Margaret of Scotland Anglican Church, Mildura
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Visiting Mildura

From Melbourne, take the Calder Freeway (M79), continuing after Ravenswood South as the Calder Highway (A79), until you reach Mildura.

Places of Interest in Mildura

  1. Australian Inland Botanic Gardens
    Botanical garden specializing in arid-adapted speices that are using to New South Wales and Victoria.