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You can find luxury hotels in Australia with prices to match in every major city of Australia. Without looking at the prices, you can tell which are the luxurious ones by their names. The international brand names include Four Seasons, Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton, Inter-continental and Westin.

Novotel Sydney Olympic Park
Novotel Sydney Olympic Park
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Australia Hotel Rooms Price Checker

Before you book your hotel room in Australia, make sure you compare prices and get the lowest. For the same hotel room, different online booking site charges a different prices. If you just stick with one site all the time, you could be paying more for the same room. Now why pay more?

Our Hotel Room Comparison Engine lets you compare the room rates provided by all the major hotel booking websites. It doesn't take bookings. Instead it lets you find the hotel booking website that offers the room you want at the lowest price. You will be able to see the room rates for the hotel you select, during the time of your visit. By using this free comparison engine, you are guaranteed to save a whole lot of money on your room reservations!

Hostels in Australia

If you are traveling on a budget and still want to visit Australia, one option is to stay in a youth hostel or guesthouse that provides budget accommodation. At the very basic, you can get a bed in a dormitory. For more privacy, opt for a private room. Toilet facilities are usually shared unless mentioned otherwise.

Click here to view list of hostels in Australia: Hostels in Australia

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