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The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is a Local Government Area in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia. Covering 95,575 sq km, it is the largest city in Australia in terms of size, and the third largest in the world. The city covers the towns of Kalgoorlie and Boulder, which together has all but 244 of its population of some 33,000 people (2012 estimate).

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Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
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More on Kalgoorlie-Boulder

The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder was formed in 1989, when the Shire of Boulder and the Town of Kalgoorlie merged. The seat of government is located in Kalgoorlie, which was founded in 1893 duringthe Yilgarn-Goldfields gold rush.

The name Kalgoorlie comes from the Wangai people meaning "place of the silky peas". The first Europeans to arrive in this area were prospectors led by Paddy Hannan in 1893. Discovering gold, Hannan lodged a claim, sparking the gold rush. His statue stands in the heart of Kalgoorlie today.

Historic Kalgoorlie Post Office clock tower
Historic Kalgoorlie Post Office clock tower
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Kalgoorlie was originally called Hannan. Within a short period, the area surrounding Hannon was transformed into gold mines, collectively known as the Golden Mile. In 1896 a railway line was built connecting it with Perth.

The biggest mine in the Kalgoorlie area (and indeed Australia's largest open-cut gold mine) is The Super Pit. It measures 3.6 km long, 1.6 km wide and 512 m (1,680 ft) deep. The Super Pit was created in 1989.

Super Pit gold mine
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Visiting Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Kalgoorlie is 600 km to the east of Perth. Take the Great Eastern Highway (94) heading east till you reach the city. Alternatively you can fly to Kalgoorlie from Perth and Sydney on Qantas and from Perth and Melbourne on Skywest.

Places of Interest in Kalgoorlie-Boulder

  1. Boulder Pioneer Cemetery
    Historic cemetery with graves of the mining pioneers from the early 20th century.

  2. Herbert Hoover Mirror
    Ornately framed mirror at the foyer of the Palace Hotel. It was presented by US President Herbert Hoover in 1898 to the hotel.

  3. Kalgoorlie Museum
    Museum with an outstanding collection that includes an underground vault showcasing gold nuggets. On the second floor are cultural artifacts of the local Aborigines.

  4. Paddy Hannan Statue
    Statue of the prospector who discovered gold that established Kalgoorlie.

  5. Super Pit
    Largest open-cut gold mine in Australia.