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Goulburn is a provincial city in New South Wales, Australia. Located in the Southern Tablelands region, it is 195 km (121 mi) to the southwest of Sydney, at an elevation of 690 m (2,264 ft).

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Goulburn Court House
Goulburn Court House
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More on Goulburn

The Goulburn area was first surveyed by JamesMeehan in the early 19th century, and named after the Under-Secretary for War and the Colonies, Henry Goulburn. The site was parcelled out through land grants to free settlers in the 1820s. In doing so it displaced the site's indigenous population, the Gandangara people. A combination of hostility, reduction of food supply and disease all contributed to reducing the Aborigines in the area.

One of the founding fathers of Goulburn was George Johnson, who bought the first land in the area between 1832 and 1842. He set up a grocery store and obtain a liquor license. By the 1840s, the town was adding other civic amenities, a court house, churches, hospital and post office.

Gosford holds the unusual distinction of having been given city status twice. The first time was by virtue of Royal Letters Patent issued by Queen Victoria on 14 March, 1863, when the Anglican Diocese of Goulburn was established. This made the local St Saviour's Church a Cathedral Church. It was again proclaimed a City on 20 March, 1885, removing any doubts over its status.

St Saviour's Cathedral, Goulburn
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Visiting Goulburn

From Sydney, take the A31 highway heading southwest to reach Goulburn. Journey should take about two and a half hours.

Places of Interest in Goulburn

  1. Goulburn Court House
    Stately historic building designed by colonial architect James Barnet and completed in 1887, replacing the earlier court house built in 1847.

  2. St Saviour's Cathedral
    Anglican cathedral church of the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn. It dates from a simple brick church in 1840. The present structure was completed in 1874.