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Gosford is a coastal city on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Facing the Pacific Ocean, it is located about 76 km north of the Sydney Central Business District.

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Gosford, New South Wales
Gosford, New South Wales
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More on Gosford

Gosford has a population of 160,000 people (2012 estimate), and is within the third largest urban area in New South Wales after Sydney and Newcastle. Despite the distance, Gosford served as a dormitory town to Sydney, with a significant proportion of its people commuting daily to Sydney for work and study.

The traditional inhabitants of the Gosford area were the Guringai and Darkinjung tribes of Australian Aborigines. The area was explored by Admiral Arthur Philip between 1788 and 1789. Due to difficulty of access, Gosford was not established until 1823. Since then it has developed into a farming community, where the main crops include market gardens and citrus fruits.

In the early days, convict labor was the predominant workforce in Gosford. In 1825, convicts form half the population of the town. Gosford began to develop and grow following the completion of the railway link connecting it with Sydney in 1887.

Central Coast Stadium, Gosford
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Visiting Gosford

The straightforward way to reach Gosford is to drive north from Sydney on National Route 1 (Pacific Highway). It takes about an hour to reach Gosford.

Places of Interest in Gosford

  1. Kariong Hieroglyphs
    This is not an ancient rock painting, unfortunately, but rather a hoax created by someone in the 1980s depicting some 100 Eyptian drawings.