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Unless you are a very, very picky eater, you would be delighted with the food in Australia. There is so much to eat, that the question of where to eat in Australia shouldn't arise. This country is a melting pot of cultures - the influx of peoples from all over the world to live in Australia has created an Australian cuisine that is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You can find good Greek cuisine, pasta, as well as Chinese food, Vietnamese food, Malaysian food. There is so much to try and so much to enjoy!

Dining in Australia
Dining in Australia
Author: Jason8025 (public domain)

The bigger the city, the wider the choices of restaurants at your disposal. You can find here formal dining places along with pubs, cafés; and anything in between according to your inclination and budget.

Outside of the major cities, you can find good restaurants particularly in the wine country, which of course is also a place to enjoy some of the best wines of Australia.

Meal prices vary from restaurant to restaurant, of course. Sydney and Melbourne tend to be the most expensive destinations, along with the major tourist resorts. Nonetheless, you will find that prices in Australia are usually lower than in comparable places in Europe or the United States. As a rule, meals at a top rate restaurant in Sydney or Melbourne with a celebrity chef will cost you a minimum of A$150 per person, inclusive wine. On the other hand, meals at an informal Asian or Italian restaurant will only cost you around A$30-A$40 per person.

Meal Times in Australia

Lunch is usually served from 12:30 pm to 3:0 pm while dinner is from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. The cheaper eateries as well as Asian restaurants tend to close earlier, perhaps around 9:30 pm. Most restaurants open seven days a week, but to be sure, make a point to find out or contact them before going, to avoid disappointment. Having said that, there are plenty of places to dine if your first choice isn't available.

KFC in Australia
KFC in Australia
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How to Pay

Major credit cards are accepted by most restaurants in Australia. If you don't find the credit card signage on their door, it may be useful to confirm before ordering. A General Service Tax or GST is added to your bill, so it is not compulsory to tip unless you are particularly pleased with the meal or service.

Vegetarian Meals

With the number of vegetarians (and vegans) in Australia on the increase, you can usually find at least one vegetarian dish in all restaurant menus. In addition, there are also restaurants specializing in vegetarian cuisine, especially in the major cities.


Restaurants described as "licensed" is permitted to sell alcohol. The Australian wine list usually highlight the origin of the wine by state. The wine is sold by the glass, carafe or by the bottle.

Dress Code

Only a handful of extremely upmarket establishments would impose a dress code on their patrons, and even that, may be limited to requiring male diners to put on a tie. On the other hand, most places would frown upon diners appear in beachwear and sandals. To play safe, the way to go is to dress smart casual.


Smoking is not allowed inside restaurants, although this is rarely enforced in pubs. On the other hand, smoking is usually allowed in the outside tables at al fresco dining places.

Spicy vegetable stew at a Moroccan Soup Bar in Australia
Spicy vegetable stew at a Moroccan Soup Bar in Australia
Author: Alpha (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

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