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Cairns, Australia
Author: Mark (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

Cairns is one of the major cities of Queensland. It is located on the coast in Far North Queensland, about 1,700 km from Brisbane and 2,420 km from Sydney. Cairns cover 488.1 sq km (188.5 sq mi) and has a population of 151,000 (2011 estimate).

Guide to Cairns Hotels

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More on Cairns

The city of Cairns is located on the east coast of Cape York Peninsula, between the Great Dividing Range and the Coral Sea. It runs along a strip from Edmonton in the south to Ellis Beach in the north.

Kuranda Scenic Railway, Cairns
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Cairns experiences a warm tropical climate. Its weather is affected by the monsoon. Wet season in Cairns is from November to May while the dry season is from June to October. On the whole, the climate of the area is relatively wet, with the township of Babinda in Cairns being one of the wettest towns in Australia, recording an annual rainfall exceeding 4,200 mm.

The Cairns area was historically inhabited bythe Walubarra Yidinji indigenous people. Captain James Cook arrived here in 1770. He named the area Trinity Bay. The settlement of Cairns was founded in 1876, and was named after the then Governor of Queensland, William Wellington Cairns.

In the early days, Cairn was a stop for miners heading for the Hodgkinson River goldfield. It developed later into a port for the export of sugar cane grown in the surrounding areas. In recent decades the city has experience rapid growth, and many of the former sugar cane plantations have now been developed into Cairn's sprawling suburb.

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, Cairns
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Visiting Cairns, Australia

The most practical way to reach Cairns is by flight. Cairns International Airport (CNS) gets flights from major cities in Australia, as well as from Auckland, Guam, Hong Kong, Port Moresby, Seoul, among others.

Places of Interest in Cairns

  1. Atherton Tablelands
  2. Babinda Boulders
  3. Bellenden Ker National Park
  4. Cairns Historical Society Museum
  5. Copperlode Dam
  6. Daintree Rainforest
  7. Dunk Island
  8. Flecker Botanic Gardens
  9. Great Barrier Reef
  10. Hinchinbrook Island
  11. Kuranda

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