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Bairnsdale, Victoria
The town centre of Bairnsdale with its cenotaph commemorating the fallen in World War II
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Bairnsdale is a small city in Gippsland, on the eastern part of Victoria, Australia. It lies on the flats on a bend of the Mitchell River before it flows into Lake King. The city has a population of 12,000 people (2012 estimate).

The Wy Yung Aboriginal tribe were the inhabitants of the area before the arrival of Europeans. The pioneer settler in the area was Archibald Macleod, who arrived in 1844. The name Bairnsdale is probably the name of Macleod's family home on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Bairnsdale Court House
The Court House in Bairnsdale
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Today Bairnsdale has a number of historic and notable buildings. Continue on the highway until you reach Bairnsdale.

TAFE College, Bairnsdale
TAFE College, Bairnsdale
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Visiting Bairnsdale

From Melbourne, take the Princes Highway (M1) heading east. It becomes the Princes Highway (A1) after Traralgon.

Places of Interest in Bairnsdale

  1. Bairnsdale Clock Museum
    An antique shop and museum in one, displaying some 600 clocks.

  2. St Mary's Roman Catholic Church
    Church on the Main Street with intricate murals in its interior. The murals were the work of Italian artist Francesco Floreani during the Great Depression.

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