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Qantas flight arriving at Sydney International Airport
Qantas flight arriving at Sydney International Airport
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Most travelers arrive in Australia by air. As the continent is so removed from other places of the world, visiting it by any other means will not be a practical option for most.

The national flag carrier of Australia is Qantas. It has a worldwide network of routes. The airline also serves domestic routes within the country. Along with Qantas, several airlines fly between Australia and the United States, among them Air New Zealand and United Airlines.

The majority of the major European and Asian airlines fly the "Kangaroo Route" between Europe and Australia, stopping over in Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta. Among the biggest airlines flying this route are British Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and Malaysia Airlines. Australia is also connected to East Asia by Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines.

A flight between Australia and Europe is one of the longest routes, taking upwards of 22 hours. A stopover in Asia would be a good idea to stretch out, and if you're coming from the contiguous United States, should should think about stopping over in Hawaii, Guam or any other Pacific islands.

Melbourne International Airport
Melbourne International Airport
Author: Marcus Wong (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)

The biggest airports in Australia and the ones in Sydney and Melbourne, both handling the bulk of international flights to the country. The busiest is Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport.

The peak travel season for Australia is December, as it coincides with the warmer month as well as with Christmas. Flights during this month is the most expensive. You can get slightly cheaper flights if you fly in January to April. Outside the aforementioned months, airlines may offer discounted fares of up to 30 or 40% below the usual economy rates. However such tickets carry with them stipulated arrival and departure times, and also cancellation penalties.

Before arriving in Australia, you will need to complete the Arrival Card, which has to be presented at Immigration along with your passport. Australia is extremely strict about bringing in food products, so you will be asked to throw away any that you have with you.

The larger the airport, the better its facilities, which may include postal and medical services. If you are going to explore the cities extensively, you should consider hiring a car at the airport. If you only intend to explore city by city, it's best to consider taking domestic flights.

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