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Ararat is an inland city on the southwestern part of Victoria, Victoria. It has a population of 8,200 people (2012 estimate), and is situated on the eastern slopes of the Ararat Hills. Within the surrounding region are a number of other mountains including Mount Langi Ghiran, Mount Cole, Mount Buangor and the Pyrenees Ranges.

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Former Town Hall, now Ararat Regional Art Gallery
Author: John O'Neill (GNU General Public License)

More on Ararat

The Ararat area was inhabited by the Tjapwurong tribe of indigenous people before European settlement. Surveyor Thomas Mitchell was the first European to explore the area. The town was given the name by Horatio Wills in 1941, commenting of the site, "like the Ark we rested".

Discovery of gold brought an influx of Chinese miners to the area in 1857. This fuelled the growth of Ararat, and contributed to the significant Chinese community of the town today. By the mid 19th century, Ararat earned a dubious new title, as a city of asylums. A number of mental institutions were established here including J Ward, an asylum for the criminally insane which opened in 1859 and the Aradale Mental Hospital in 1865.

Today the economy of Ararat is based predominantly on the services industry, with tourism being a small but growing component.

Visiting Ararat

From Melbourne, take the Western Freeway (M8) heading west. At Ballarat, it continues as the Western Highway (A8), to arrive in Ararat.

Ararat Roman Catholic Convent
Ararat Roman Catholic Convent
Author: Mattinbgn (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)

Places of Interest in Ararat

  1. Challicum Hills Wind Farm
    Wind farm near Ararat.

  2. Grampians National Park
    National park in Victoria protecting the natural wildlife and landscape.

  3. Gum Sun Chinese Heritage Centre
    Housed in a stout Chinese-style edifice, the heritage center provides an insight into the history of the Chinese in Ararat. The name "Gum San" means "Golden Mount", and refers to the Centrla Goldfields of then colony of Victoria.

  4. J Ward Museum
    The former asylum for the criminally insane, now a museum.

  5. Longi Morgala Museum
    Local museum housing Aboriginal artifacts and social history of Ararat.